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How many thousands or even millions of people are hitting your content paywall, yet you have no idea who they are or what they like?


How many of those millions of people are hitting your pay wall? How many of those actually subscribe? Would you like to have data on the rest?


Today’s readers flit from Facebook to Google looking for interesting content. They might never subscribe to an out-of-market newspaper, but research shows they will gladly pay a few cents on impulse for a compelling article.








A brand new way for publishers to monetize content, gather data, and create a significantly full funnel full of subscriptions built specifically for the publishing industry but applicable to many other types of content.

Flittz allows publishers to engage with readers that might otherwise flit away, creating a new revenue stream. Data from Flittz also gives publishers valuable insight into reader habits and behaviors, making it easier to re-engage with readers.


More importantly, Flittz is a network leading publishers across the U.S. and Canada, working together to take back control over the relationship between the reader and their content.

Join the Flittz Content Network today.

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Flittz is the equivalent of a single copy print purchase, reimagined for the digital age.


Flittz makes it easy and convenient for anyone to purchase “one-off” bite size pieces of content on the fly from newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Readers sign up once, and Flittz lets them purchase articles, videos, special supplements and more from publications they would never subscribe to because they are out of market.


Built specifically for the publishing industry, Flittz provides a powerful way for publishers to sell content and gain valuable insight into reader interest, all the while allowing them to optimize their subscription strategies and earning incremental revenue with no greater costs of content production.


Flittz is not an application or a curated third-party site. Rather, the lightweight Flittz plug-in resides on a publication’s site and fits easily with the way most of today’s readers consume media--flitting from Google to Facebook and source to source, searching for a specific piece of interesting content.



The traditional newspaper advertising and subscription strategies don’t fit the behavior of a large percentage of today’s readers.  If they did, conversion rates would be higher.  Flittz repackages your content into easily consumable bites.


People find news today through their Facebook feed or a quick Google search.  They just want to see a particular story, one they are motivated to read. Remember, they came looking for your story.


If you are like most newspapers, you let them read the story for free, looking to make money off the digital advertising. However, newspapers are discovering that they see less and less advertising revenue while Facebook and Google see more and more. Facebook recently posted a 59 percent quarterly growth in digital advertising revenue. Newspapers, by comparison, see digital ad revenue drop.


Many newspapers are trying to regain control over their content by implementing metered pay walls, inviting people to subscribe after a certain number of free articles. But for every 100 people who visit a newspaper, only four of them will see a pay wall. Of those few people who do hit a pay wall, less than one in 1,000 will subscribe.


Flittz enables publishers to engage and monetize the 99.9% of their readers who will never purchase a digital subscription.



The Flittz Content Network unlocks the content of newspapers and content sources across the U.S. and Canada.


By participating in the Flittz Content Network, publishers have access to data on how readers are interacting content across the entire Flittz Content Network. Flittz provides publishers with the valuable data they need to understand what content most interests readers and what they find most valuable.


With Flittz you can analyze data from across the entire Flittz Content Network to optimize your product, enhance the reader experience and engage with readers in meaningful ways in order to gain a complete picture of reader preferences.


Leading news media organizations are testing Flittz now to drive incremental revenue.


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