A More Valuable News Reader

By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist


The current subscription model that many news publications have been operating under for years doesn’t allow for much opportunity from a marketing/advertising standpoint. When somebody buys a digital subscription, you just know that they purchased 3 months of unlimited digital news access for $9.99 without knowing who they are as a news reader or as a consumer of products.


This is one of the reasons why advertisers are going elsewhere to buy ad space. They can get more information and ad targeting from Facebook and Google than they can elsewhere online.


A Better Way


Imagine being able to track your reader on wherever they go on your site, collecting first party data on their interests, internet news habits, and behavior along the way. Data that you own that you can use again and again to sell advertising on your site as well as advertise all of your different news products from podcasts and events to videos and news merchandise.


Visualize creating a more valuable online news reader that stays on the page longer and finishes the article because they’ve financially invested in it. Picture being able to go to advertisers with those time-on-page numbers. You’d be the hero of your news publication with significant new revenue opportunities.




Monetize your content, create a new revenue stream, and collect interest data with Flittz from Marketing G2.


Early on insights into reader habits and consumer behavior are invaluable to your news organization because they allow you to engage more creatively with your readers, create a community around your news brand, sell more valuable ad space, and more precisely target readers with a subscription offer from a larger, warmer pool of leads.


Want to know more? Keep an eye out for more news industry insights and how Flittz can generate new revenue and data streams that will enhance your subscription funnel in the rest of our series.


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