Advantages to Serving News Articles a La Carte

By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist


The news industry has been so squarely focused on selling bundled subscriptions that the sales model's long-term effectiveness hasn't been re-evaluated to see if it's working for digital. Just because bundled subscription sales is an effective strategy for print doesn’t mean that it’ll work for digital.


Due to declining ad revenue within the industry, you can no longer afford sales models that miss 95%+ of your website’s organic traffic. Sales models with the potential to increase your digital revenue substantially are micropayments and mini-subscriptions.


Targeted Ads


Data is king in the digital age.


By selling articles individually (micropayments) or in groups around a particular topic (mini-subscriptions), you can quickly drill down deeper and discover your readers' preferences, habits, activities, and demographic data and then use that information to sell ad space to advertisers and to retarget those readers to sell them other news products like podcasts, newsletters, etc.


Happy, Loyal Readers


In today’s digital age, everything is about the customer’s overall experience with your brand. It’s how you build brand loyalty, brand trust, and it’s how you keep those readers coming back for more.


When was the last time you interacted with a brand that made it easy for you to get exactly what you wanted? How likely are you to use them again?


By using a micropayment / mini-subscription platform like Flittz you’re giving your readers the ability to get exactly what they want when they want it, improving your user experience and the likelihood of your readers returning to your news site for an easy way to get the information they need.


Keep an eye out for next week’s article to find out how you can generate new revenue and data streams in order to enhance your subscription funnel and future-proof your news publication with Flittz.


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