Reducing Friction/Conflict at the Point of Sale – the News Industry

By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist


Readers have other options when they come to your news site for information and those other options are usually free. So how do you compete with free?


Simple, you make it easier for them to pay a small nominal fee to read the article that they've already searched for on your site than it would be for them to start their search all over again to find a free source of information on the topic where they won't get all of your extra features and they won't be adding to your ad-based revenue.


People value their time and by reducing the friction or conflict at the point of sale (i.e. making the article easier to buy than performing another search), you’re not wasting your readers’ time, providing value, and as a side effect improving the user experience on your website.


Funneling Your Organic Traffic with Flittz


Take advantage of the 92% of your organic traffic that is coming to your news site from social media or search engines (people who are unwilling to purchase a subscription) with Flittz.


You’ll be able to convert those users who are resistant to a long-term subscription commitment while at the same time gathering first-party data on them in order to sell ad space and to help fuel your re-targeting efforts.


Flittz is a great way for you to nurture leads until such a time they are ready to make the leap into a long-term subscription commitment. Fill your sales funnel with more leads and reap the rewards of more revenue.


Don’t miss out on the data you need to turn readers into subscribers. For more information on Flittz and the news industry, keep an eye out for more articles in our reader revenue series.


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