Future Proofing Your News Publication

By: Elizabeth Coffey, Marketing G2 Digital Marketing Specialist


The fourth estate is vital to our democracy because it keeps corporations and politicians in check. As technology changes and the world evolves, it is more important than ever before to future-proof your news publication.


This may mean disrupting your own industry by being first to market with a new sales model that people have shown that they want. The unbundling trend that’s hit the music industry and now cable TV shows no signs of slowing down and has begun to affect the news industry with a slowing down of subscription sales in major markets with the New York Times and Washington Post being exceptions to the rule.


It’s imperative when technological disruption happens that you stay ahead of the wave. History is littered with companies that were outmaneuvered by a competitor because they saw a need in the market and acted on it quicker than anyone else.


First to Market Examples


Xerox, for example, was the first to invent photocopying and has dominated the industry since its inception with its name synonymous with the act of photocopying itself (i.e. Xeroxing). Kleenex, the first company to bring the facial tissues to the United States in 1924 enjoys the same benefit.


Amazon saw a need for an online book distributor and is now one of the largest online retailers (if not the largest online retailer) of consumer products around the world.


It should be evident that purchase rates of less than a percentage point require the retooling and restructuring of the existing sales model in news and the bringing on of new methods to engage news readers so that newspapers can meet existing market demands. Adopt a micropayment / mini-subscription platform like Flittz to stay ahead of the unbundling distruption and the other technological advancements that are already impacting your digital success.


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